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Sacramento Wellness and Fitness By Coach Christopher   


Hello and welcome to Sacramento Wellness and Fitness By Coach Christopher.

 I’m Coach Christopher Battle and I am a legally blind California State Licensed Massage Therapist (CAMTC cert #63043), Advanced Reiki Practitioner, nationally certified personal trainer (ACE). And MMA/self-defense conditioning coach. I have 29 years of training with experience in massage, martial arts and fitness. Though I’ve been legally blind since birth, I have tried to never let it stop me from achieving my goals. Lack of sight actually benefits me in my work as a massage therapist and Reiki Practitioner (energy worker) because I rely on my since of touch and intuitiveness more than my sight. I truly believe that you are an individual and deserve to have a massage session catered to your needs. Whether that be relaxation, stress reduction or pain management. My goal is to provide you relief from all the physical changes and demands that are placed on your body during everyday life and fitness training.


Although I do utilize pre-session interview questions, I also listen to your body and what it is telling me to create each individualized session. Because of this unique approach I tend to utilize a mixture of modalities during each session. I am able to pull from, just to name a few, Reiki, deep tissue, Sweetish & sports massage techniques in order to achieve the goals you had for that particular session.


When I am not doing massage, I can be found training clients one on one, small groups or running kickboxing, self-defense  and strength training classes. I look forward to meeting and working with you soon.  I am so pleased that you have visited my web site, because it tells me that you truly understand that sometimes you have to take time for yourself to be able to do for others.